Summa Fire Science & Testing LLC provides laboratory testing that verifies Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates and Solutions conform to Industry standard annual requirements. Standard Foam analysis includes:
·Specific Gravity (ASTM D1293)
·Ph (ASTM D1293)
·Refractive Index (ISO 5561)
·Foam Quality (Mil-F-24385, EN1568-G)
·Viscosity (ISO 3104)
·Film Formation & Sealibility (SU-02)
·Appearance (SU-03)
·Lab Scale Fire Test (SU-01)
·Sediment (EN1568)
Additional testing can be provided as requested:
testing services
·Proportioning Test
·Spreading Coefficient (ISO 304)
·Pour Point (ASTM D5950)
·Cloud Point (ASTM D5773)
·Freeze Point (SU-05)
·Concentration of Antifreeze (SU -05)
·Temperature Conditioning (EN1568H)
Dry Chemical Testing for Periodical Compliance (EN615:2009)
·Oil Analysis of Marine and Industrial transmissions and engines
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We supply Foam Sample Kits for your convenience free of charge. 
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Please download and send in the request for foam analysis form and/or dry chemical analysis form with the samples.
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